Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Coming Palin Circus

Hotair and numerous other sites have been discussing the "unprecedented" frenzy about Sarah Palins's book "Going Rogue: An American Story" that is due to hit the shelves the middle of next month. The book has seen incredible pre ordering, vaulting to number one on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 1.5 million books are to be printed for the first run of the book.

Of course the left isn't really thrilled with the prospects of the most visible Conservative hitting the airwaves with such talk of limited government, fiscal sanity, and personal responsibility. It falls back to what Nixon has told you, my loyal 8 readers, that the leaders of the left do not want to see, and are in fact, terrified of a popular true conservative in opposition to the Obamateur and the Democratic Party, especially with a ground swell of hatred toward the Democratic Congress heading toward the 2010 mid terms, pounding the sticks and raising money and supporting Republican Congressional Candidates.

Many polling sites, both on the right and left, have picked up on the early trends showing the left losing between 20-40 seats in the House. Also, a pick up of 1-3 in the Senate have been indicated. Of course, this is a long way out, but, Nixon is unaware of any Congress being so quickly hated since the Clinton's attempt to socialize medicine ushered in the Gingrich Revolution. Perhaps that theme of socializing medicine has something to so with the current political environment. However, Nixon has picked up another theme.

The Obamateur, Granny Botoxus, and Dingy Harry are some of the most arrogant people in politics. Obamateur thought the IOC would be sufficiently dazzled by his and the First Wookie's presence that the awarding of the Olympics to Chicago would be a formality. However, a rather strong distaste for the First Couple led to Chicago being evicted from the process on the first vote. Worldwide laughter ensued, with one author in Britain going as far as claiming Obamateur was now a lame duck through next November. Rather harsh even in Nixonland. The handling of the non discussion with Republicans over healthcare, the Porkulus Bill, and the impending ten fold increase in energy costs if the disastrous Cap and Tax bill goes into effect has opened the eyes of the average American that what they mistakenly thought would be positive change is in fact a rather dangerous experiment in socialism. Americans don't like socialism. Reid in fact is liable not to be in the Senate after 2010 due to his incredibly bad numbers.

Now comes a very Conservative, incredibly popular non office holder to throw gasoline on the political fire. Here is Palin's chance to dispel the MSM treatment and characterization of her and her family once and for all, and for Sarah Palin to take the reins of the conservative movement in America away from RINO's, "moderates", and the Democratic Lite wing of the Republican Party.

Fear. You can see it and smell it from the "center" and the leftists. Fear that regular Americans will have a person that they can identify with wielding serious political firepower.

Nixon can't wait. Echoing Rush Limbaugh, Nixon too hopes she sells "five million books", and shakes the political landscape up in America.

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