Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What will Rush Limbaugh do now that he is reportedly been dropped from one of the bidding groups to purchase the St Louis Rams? Personally, Nixon wouldn't spend a dime on that dog shit franchise, but, Rush is from the area and is committed to keeping the franchise in St Louis, something most purchasers don't have in mind. There are some groups who plan to immediately move the franchise to Los Angeles should their purchase plan go through.

Rush was dropped for one reason. He is a conservative who doesn't toe the liberal line. More lies have been told about him in the last 48 hours than had been said about him in the last ten years. Even Charles Johnson, the scourge of creationists, joined in the pile on, allowing false statements to be posted on his blog and left there regarding Rush. Of course, with Chuckie auditioning for the role of First Blogger of the Obamateur Administration, this is expected.

Every piece of filth on the left came out of the woodwork, including professional racists such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. ESPN commentators, MSNBC Obamateur worshippers, and the talking heads in the so called MSM all joined in the fray, as expected.

It is a shame that discourse in this country has gone down hill ever since the Clinton people, James Carville as prime example, made personal attacks part of the discourse. Rush now faces the decision to light up the liars with massive civil suits, or turn the other cheek. Nixon knows what he would do. It could be very enlightening to see some of the heads on the left under oath in a court of law. Damn interesting if you ask Nixon.

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