Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Odd Thing Happened Today

Rush Limbaugh has been smeared to the point of insanity. Racist charges, and quotes that Limbaugh never made, have been leveled in Rush's apparent attempt to lead a group in the purchase of the NFL's St Louis Rams. A dogshit franchise for sure, but, a NFL franchise. Every leftist pos from Jesse Jackson to Charles Johnson has washed up. Unfortunately for them, there is no proof Rush is a racist. The only comment that even mentions race is the one about Donovan McNabb, in which Rush was proven correct. McNabb was pushed as the best NFL quarterback solely due to race. Not results. Sort of like Obama and the Nobel Prize.

Over at RightWingNews, Nixon's long waited plan on exposing the real identity of the most notorious and disruptive troll came to fruition this evening. It was said that the best weapon against a Klingon was patience in the STAR TREK universe, because they had no defense against a patient opponent. Their innate stupidity and arrogance would always force them into making a mistake. Thus was the completion of Nixon's plan. The troll just couldn't resist helping Nixon out in his plan. Thanks to John Hawkins as well.

Patience is a virtue.

Nixon is now done with his sparring with the deadbeat trolls on RWN. Until the threads improve, Nixon will focus on his own blog for a while. However, don't worry. Nixon will still be there. Waiting. Watching.

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