Sunday, November 1, 2009

Strange thing happened in New York

Many of you have followed Sarah Palin's involvement in the NY 23 district race. Sarah's support of the conservative candidate led directly to the RINO chosen in a smoke filled room to withdraw from the race, and then ENDORSE THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE.

Palin was proven 100% correct in her endorsement of Hoffman, when she said he was an outsider not chosen by political machines. Newt Gingrich had signed off on supporting the Republican candidate, who upon her stepping down from the race ENDORSE THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE.

Sarah Palin should publicly start a conservative party or take the reins of the Republican Party and take it hard to the right. Without either alternative, the GOP as we know it will be dead in ten years. Only by the Conservative wing of the party dictating policy and electoral strategy can the GOP overcome it's RINO infestation and become politically viable. The stupidity of the soliciting of moderates and liberal lites has been proven beyond doubt.

Now it falls to Sarah Palin to lead the way. Go get 'em Cuda.

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