Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Proof Obama is above his paygrade

The Obamateur will apparently push any decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan for a few more weeks.

Unfit for office and not able to make the big decisions is the One.

He is afraid of winning the war he said was the only one that mattered and losing his left wing base. Nixon supposes George Soros will lose money somehow if the Taliban and Al Quada are defeated. That is the only explanation for the most prepared POTUS in history being unable to make a simple yes or no decision.

Above his paygrade.

Send more money to Sarah Palin. Now.

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Opus #6 said...

He can't afford to offend anybody by making this decision, before Nancy Care has been voted upon. Making political pawns out of our troops makes Obama a Craven Bastard in my book.