Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evening from Nixonland

Nixon's postings will be few and far between for the next couple of weeks. Look for a return to a regular schedule around the 10th to 15th of December. Just some rather busy times ahead for Nixon, plus, Nixon simply has to take better care of his health. Just the facts.

Sarah Palin is really lighting a fire under the base. With the Senate and House looking to ram the disastrous ObamaCare product down the throats of Americans everywhere, look for Sarah to lead the charge to kick their asses out of office in 2010.

A lot of email traffic from various sources here at the tape following Nixon's outing of a serial troll at RightWingNews. No, John Hawkins did not pay Nixon or offer him moderator privileges as has been alleged from Nixon's detractors. Some of them are really fucking pathetic ass wipe douchbags. Two of them will regret the day they screwed with Nixon.

Nixon did this from the graciousness of Nixon's heart. Nixon has the heart of a small child when you get down to it. On his desk. In a jar.

Hope and change bitches. Some of you best hope Nixon's health does him in and soon.
Tough shit. It won't happen. Nixon will die when he is ready, not before.

Good Night Master Nixon (Peace Be Upon Him), wherever you are. Kick Ike in the nuts for me if he is there.

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