Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious

Thanks to H. Ross Johnson, former CEO of RJR for providing the title of the post today.

Paranoid left wing fanatic Charles Johnson over at the left wing hate site Little Green Douchebags, er Footballs, has published a post title "My Struggle", er, "Why I Am No Longer The Conservative That I Pretended To Be", or something like that.

Charles blames everything wrong with the world on Christians, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, and of course, Sarah Palin. Charles squashes any dissent on his blog faster than the KGB did in the USSR, and even goes as far as sending his sockpuppet KKKILgore Trout to other blogs to post racist drivel and then citing these posts by HIMSELF as proof the other bloggers are racist.

Nixon salutes you Charles Johnson, the most successful moby in blogosphere history. You are nothing more than a little fascist want to be (liberal) who made money pretending to be something you aren't. Have fun with Ko$, Huffpo, and DU. Maybe Keith Olberdouche will give you some airtime to drive up your rapidly declining site traffic. Personally, Nixon gives CJ about 18 months of possible relevance in the blogging world before he announces "I am leaving blogging to pursue another opportunity".

Bye bye Moby. Maybe now Obamateur, the focus of your man crush, will let you be Chief Blogger for his Administration, the job you have wanted from day one.

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