Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak sells himself

To be honest, did anyone not think the Democrats could not buy enough votes to pass this abomination of a bill? Stupak, who enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame, sold himself to the Kenyan in Chief for a promise. At least Esau got a bowl of stew for his birthright.

Nixon again must now point out the folly of the so called moderate Democrat. There is no such thing. All Democrats are either liars, fascists, or idiots at the core. The so called conservative Democrat is a person who likes to have the ability to go both ways on issues (bi Dems) and while some may go conservative on fiscal issues, they all support higher taxes for benefits for people who haven't earned them, are generally opposed to businesses making money, and are socialist when you get down to it.

This is why a RINO is worse than a Democrat.

Go conservative this fall. Third party if you must, but only support and vote for openly conservative candidates, both fiscal and social conservatives. Otherwise, you get fucked in the end. Literally.

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