Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Defcon Two Declared

The TOTUS has decided to move ahead, fuck the people, and give you bitches that voted for him your change. However, said change is turning the US healthcare system into a third world socialist paradise. Reconciliation is now coming down the pipe, assuming Granny McBotoxus can hold her flock of sheep in a row to vote for this abomination.

It is shaping up to be a November to Remember (apologies to ECW). The line will be drawn in the sand, and it will be open political season on every person who votes for this pile of feces.

Call your Congressman, Senator, Friends and Family. Just say no to Socialism.

On a side note, there will be no emails sent to anyone from the Nixon Tape. Someone is making a full court press to discover Nixon's undisclosed location in the DC metropolitan area. So don't ask, and Nixon won't tell. However, since Nixon knows all, it ain't no big thang.

Chemo tomorrow, one more trip after this.

Ooh Rah, mfers.

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