Monday, March 22, 2010

The Right united or not

Nixon has seen the reaction all over the blogosphere to the abuse of the US Constitution inflicted last night by the Left. The over riding reaction is one of rage.

Many pundits are now openly anticipating a blood bath in the voting booth this November. Nixon has pretty well seen this for some time, as the drunken spending by the Obamateur making most real Americans sick to their core. Now, ramming a fully leftist based health plan with no Republican input or support is the privilege of the majority party. However, in doing so, the left has bought and now totally owns this plan, along with the economy. Can't have the meat without the bones.

Nixon has also seen a massive upswing in Moby activity on the right side of the blogosphere. Lots of implying of armed revolution showing up in the comment section of just about ever conservative website. RedState, Gateway Pundit, and RightWingNews are infested with moby's. RWN has really seen a major upswing in troll and moby infestation in the past few weeks.

Sarah Palin has called for a return to rule by the US Constitution. We sure dodged a bullet when she didn't get elected, didn't we? Instead, we got hope and change, and socialism and rising debt and deficits.

Palin 2012, a return to Government by Adults.

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