Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Moon in China Rising?

Couple of articles floating around the web today about the short term potential of Red China pondering making some economic moves on the US by perhaps dumping the trillions in T Bill they hold or playing the currency markets by using the US Dollar as monopoly money. No shock here, as the Chinese can see what Nixon can see, a weakening US economy, no political leadership with any backbone, and a bunch of dufus' s running the show.

Thanks 52%ers. Your desire for hope and change has doomed this country.

Now the brain trust plans to end run Obamacare by some arcane legislative routine. Go ahead, do it. Let the GOP run candidates who tie the incumbents to this fascist power grab on health care. November 2010 will make the GOP takeover in the 90's look like a hug in. And Nixon will not rule out a little old fashioned politically motivated violence. Sucks to be a liberal when the average man gets tired of being pissed on by the so called educated elite.

Bricks in the head hurt. So do .223 rounds.

Buy a gun. Stockpile food. History may again call on the blood of patriots to water the tree of liberty. Nixon is O Positive.

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