Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Evening Thoughts

There is a nice on going issue between Ace of Ace of Spades HQ and Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs over the Van Jones issue. Charles has recently gone insane and banned every poster on his site that disagrees with his liberal world view. What was once a website that led the way in combating Islamic Terror has now become the foremost anti Christian website on the blogosphere, and one where there is only one opinion that counts, Charles's.

Ace on the other hand runs a fairly well managed site, with a fairly loyal base of morons who follow him. Nixon tries to at least read thru the articles daily over there, and has been impressed with the quality of posters and posts there. Plus the articles are usually put together well, and the comments section is the best around.

Apparently Charles is attempting to gain favor with the left by talking up the idea that Van Jones is not a 9-11 paranoid fruit with a severe case of racism and hatred toward whites. Based on the word of other truthers. Gateway Pundit has a big time run down on all of the lunacy espoused by another one of Obama's so called czars.

Charles, since Nixon is speaking against you, go ahead and ban my log in. You have lost your mind, and most of the respect you had from the right. Gateway Pundit, you are doing it right.

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Opus #6 said...

Thanks for this post. I had seen these sites on the web, and I was wondering what the story is. Littlegreenfootballs linked to my site last week and sent me 400 hits in one day for my Ant and the Grasshopper story. Very impressive. I read once at Ace, but the comments went on too long and I like a smaller group where I can know the "players".
I hang and Gateway Pundit a lot and get a number of hits via the comment links. Nice folks. And cool that he is getting shout outs on Fox News. Yeehaw!