Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Daily Talking Points

The lefties are out in force again on the right sight of the blogosphere. On RightwingNews and Gateway Pundit, the trolls, moby's and astroturfers are all out saying the exact same thing:

1. Only 70,000 protesters showed up on the 9-12 protests.
2. Joe Wilson is a racist liar.
3. Illegal aliens can't get benefits under ObamateurCare.

Now maybe you, my loyal reader, might say that it is all a coincidence. Just a random happening, nothing more.


This is a organized, orchestrated effort to destroy the last bastion of free speech around, conservative political blogs. John Hawkins over at RWN has been the target for sometime from one individual operating under many user names with the sole purpose of ending free discourse. Jim over at GatewayPundit, one of, if not the lead blogger in exposing Van Jones as a communist, racist pos, has had several trolls set up shop in his comments section parroting the exact same thing. Most of their statements are lies, the remaining part of their comments are untrue. And it has been proven that the White House provides talking points to the fine folks at CNN, and have been doing so for a while.

Every single liberal person who supports Barak Obama opposes free speech, has fascist leanings, and is at their core a racist.

Now, their lust for power has caused them to declare war on bloggers. The First Amendment means absolutely nothing to a liberal.

Nixon urges all conservative bloggers to begin taking notes of who, what, where and when these leftists show up in their comments section. And if anyone can link them to the Administration, let's see if turn about is fair play.

Remember, liberal Democrats are not our opponents, they are our enemy. Enough is enough.

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Opus #6 said...

The group was way bigger than 70K. 70K can fit into one stadium. No comparison.
Trolls show up where people have been effective. Jim is effective. They are bringing the battle to him. God bless Jim and Joe Wilson and all of us working to secure freedom, liberty and the constitution.