Friday, September 25, 2009

Defcon 2.5

The Islamic Republic of Iran was exposed early today to be in the possession of another secret plant for the enrichment of uranium to weapons grade levels.

The psychotic head of Iran has issued a public statement to the US to mind it's owns affairs, don't bring it up, don't want to talk about it, go fuck yourself if you don't like.

Contrary to the stupid trolls on RWN and the dazed and confused regular posters there, Iran can bring the west to it's economic knees without firing a shot. If Iran successfully test fires a nuclear weapon, they can merely announce that they are asking for a $100 a barrel tax to every barrel of oil coming thru the Straits of Hormuz, and any violators of this policy would be subject to Iran closing the Straits with nuclear tipped missiles.

Instant depression. Just add a former superpower with a incompetent leader, and we are screwed. Royally. Without lube.

Hope and change. Hope and change.

War will be here before Memorial Day 2010. Maybe before Easter. Or Christmas 09. But, it is coming.

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