Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Monday

Well, not really a blue Monday. Unless you are a taxpaying citizen of the United States. Our friends, well, they are really not our friends, more like scavengers, on the left are proposing that illegal aliens will actually be able to opt into a public option if the unholy Chappaquiddick Care plan is voted into law. That is right, illegal aliens, scavenging on the corpse of a now torpid superpower, will be allowed to opt into coverage heavily subsidized by the embattled US taxpayer.

Why do liberals want to do this? Are they truly nothing but vote whores? Hopefully, this measure will get some more airplay. The polls show less that 45% support this abortion of a bill. With the opposition well over 50%. Is it worth a massive backlash in 2010 to pass this pile of crap to the left? The deficit and unemployment will not go down before the next election, and the internal polling on the left resembles of graph of the last four hours of the Titanic's life. Coupled with the destructive impact of any cap and trade legislation, a pending disaster in the Middle East, and a general feeling coming from outside the US filtering into the country that Barak Obama is totally incompetent, and the stage is being built for a real shift in the US electorate. We will see.

Obamateur, who stated that the fighting in Afghanistan would be put on the front burner, has only talked with the commanding general of US forces there once in the last two and a half months, and his Administration formally shelved his request for additional troops needed to prevail there until the Administration has time to re format their strategy in Afghanistan. Yet, Obamateur has time to fly to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the 2016 Olympics, no doubt to provide more graft for his corrupt friends back home.

On the decent news front, Sarah Palin's book will hit the shelves in 45 days. 1.5 million copies have been ordered for the first printing. The title? GOING ROGUE: AN AMERICAN LIFE. Should make for a good read. Also, it will serve to put her back in the limelight of conservative politics. She is already being viewed as head of the opposition to the inept Obamateur Administration. Her Facebook page is monitored constantly by the White House, and she is still subject to personal attacks from the left. Fear, it's rampant on the left of a popular fiscal conservative agitating in 2010 and 2012. And Palin, like her or not, is the flag bearer.

Should be interesting.

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