Friday, July 9, 2010

The Rise of the Moby's

The right side of the blogosphere is is absolutely infested with moby's, troll, and other assorted liberal pieces of feces. EVERY conservative website that still allows comments in their postings is absolutely infested with accusations of conservative racism, corruption, Obamateur successes, and doom and gloom for Conservatives.

A coincidence Nixon is sure.

The real story: The left is fucking afraid of November. They realize that they are on the endangered species list. The average American is sick and tired of the left's bullshit.

The smell of victory is in Nixon's nostrils.

You want to get a liberal fired up? Say the words "President Sarah Palin". Watch them freak out. Nixon again calls on Sarah Palin to assume the leadership of the conservatives in the USA and to declare herself a candidate for POTUS. Watch the left freak out full bore.

Leftists, it's what you have created: Your own extinction.

Palin 2012, the only hope for our country.

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