Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July, but, Now get Ready

Nixon has seen a ton of usage in the MSM and alternative real media all talking and discussing a double dip recession or a actual depression. According to everyone talking on this subject, we are either heading back into the second round of the recession we have been in since 08 or this has all been a big slide into a depression.

The varying sources of this story is the worrying part of this story. When a wide variety of media outlets and sources all start talking about the same thing saying a lot of the same things, it's time to worry.

Nixon predicted a major economic downturn already. The timeline of this event looks like it is picking up a little steam. The total failure of the Obamateur Administrations economic policies looks like will doom the US economy to the bottom of the sea. Nixon urges everyone to begin preparation for what is coming.

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