Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the Hell is going on in Argentina?

Nixon is rather surprised that there apparently is a rather wild and freaky scene going on in Argentina. That is right, the country the English punked in the Falkland Islands War is apparently now the center of political freakiness.

Bill Clinton apparently dropped a grand on a private dance with a stripper while on a visit to that fine country. Also, Mark Sanford conceded the Republican Nomination for President in 2012 to Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney today by confessing to a secret visit, and a affair, with a Argentinian woman. Thankfully it was with a woman.

Of course the liberal media ignores the D and focuses on the R. Nixon is not surprised. Thanks Sanford, you moron, for the bad publicity. However, as Nixon is a Palin supporter, thanks again.

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