Monday, June 22, 2009

Did I Mention Obama is a failure?

Nixon is starting to forget things in his advanced years. I have forgotten what a decent economy, a strong foreign policy, and a non failure President looks like. The Obamateur Administration has been a total failure from day one. The highest unemployment in 25 years, a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit, corrupt cabinet members, and a total failure on the foreign policy front.

Personally, Nixon hopes this buffoon continues to lose his "popularity" and any new initiatives that we can't afford to pay for fall on their ass.

Publicly punked by a man in North Korea who wears women's shoes and who thinks Bugs Bunny is cerebral tv. Punked by a third rate Third World collection of 7th century desert animals in Iran. Whats next, more abuse from Hugo "The Geek" from Venezuela?

WTF happened to America? Where did we go wrong? Personally, Nixon thinks all the hippies and counter culture freak of the 60's fucked us for the forseeable future. Death camps sure would have made this country better in the long run. Bunch of want to be socialists and communist fucks ruined this country. And it may take blood in the streets to fix the problem.

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