Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time to Prepare

Nixon has decided from his readings on the Web this morning to go on and instruct his readers to prepare. Prepare for what you may say? I now foresee a major societal upheval within the next 36 months. I advise everyone to have a stored untracable firearm with ammo on hand, plus, I would began hoarding cash and household food items as well. Anyone who thinks the economy will improve is living in a fantasy world, and Obamateur's lack of ability to govern sets us up for some bad times in the near future.

Nixon is curious to see how the Obamamteur reacts to the Somali pirates seizing a US flagged vessel and taking US citizens hostage. Nixon would have the SEALS and a MEU-SOC offshore and would begin slaughtering every pirate in sight. Obamateur will probably express admiration for the pirates struggling against the white imperial US ship, and then buy them off with more US taxpayer funds, if any are left to spend.

Be Prepared. Be Very Prepared.

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