Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Aftermath of April 15th

April 15th has come and gone again. On that date, we pay our taxes. We also witnessed the absolute proof that the so called main stream media is nothing but a bunch of cockholsters for the Obamateur Administration. Nixon is referring to the coverage of the nationwide (800+) tea party protests aimed and the disastrous economic policies of the Obamateur Administration. CNN and MSNBC made absolutely no attempt to not show their partisan views of such demonstrations. It's a shame that there is no objective coverage from any network other than Fox. No wonder they call Fox a conservative network. The others are so far to the left (and up Obamateur's ass) anything looks conservative to them.

Nixon is now joining in and calling for another round of demonstrations on the 4th of July. Time to send a big word to Washington that we are tired of their bull.

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