Friday, March 6, 2009

Michael Steele: Was Nixon Wrong About Him?

I have seen and heard from folks around the blogosphere that Nixon may have been incorrect about Michael Steele being the man to lead the RNC and the Party out of the wilderness.

Now we all know that Nixon is usually correct. However, Steele's recent actions have given some credibility to Nixon's numerous critics regard Steele.

So far, Steele has been, well, a failure as head of the RNC. He has set thru interviews where people have compared the RNC to Nazi Party rallies, managed to get into a major fracas with Rush Limbaugh, and basically allowed the Obamateur Administration to control the political discussions in this country regarding their disastrous policies.

Note from Nixon to Michael Steele: This ain't going to do the job. If you are over your head, say so. We simply cannot afford for the RNC to be on the sidelines at this time in our country's existence. Best get on the job asap, Nixon would hate to have to say he was wrong about you.

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