Friday, March 27, 2009

Bush was Right, All Along

Nixon is a big fan of history. Civil War, Roman, Medieval, you name it, and Nixon can sit and read on the topic for a long time. It has always amazed Nixon at the amount of revisionist history out there. I wonder if history will ever be revised to show these facts:

1. George W Bush tried to clean up the mess at Fannie Mae before it blew up. He was thwarted by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. Two corrupt Democrats. For some reason, the media ignores this fact.

2. Remember Bush after the 04 election talking about reforming Social Security, and how every leftist in the country said he was trying to take old people's money and give to the rich? Bush rolled out facts after facts about Social Security becoming insolvent. Well, he was right again. at this link has a article about this subject. http://

Thanks Democratic Party. We wouldn't have a third world economy coming to life here without you.

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