Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now is almost the Winter of our Discontent

Summer turns into fall. Every year it seems it does anyway.

Politically, Trump still amazes everyone by leaving all other GOP candidates for the nomination in the dust. Regardless of what verbal gaffe's Trump throws out or how much manure he steps in, he continues leading in all polls, and in fact has increased his lead in some. Walker is out, Perry is out, and Biden today said he wouldn't jump into the race.

Clinton appears to stay on course for the socialist nomination. After watching the CNN debate, it is apparent that the Democratic Party has gone far left. Bernie Sands has done the impossible and has made Clinton look almost conservative. Jim Webb said fuck this and has walked out of that cesspool and appears to be considering going GOP.

Again my loyal reader(s) it still appears Trump has tapped into that gigantic spring of hatred the run of the mill GOP voter holds toward our elected officials and the leaders of the GOP. Mainstream politicians cannot grasp the fact that Trump has seized the mantle of outsider. Three years after congratulating Obama on winning reelection, Trump has support of all spectrums of the GOP. Who'd have thunk it.

Discontent. Anger. Rage. Fury at being betrayed. These are the emotions that drive people to the polls. If Trump can continue to channel these emotions, he will be the GOP nominee, and he will have a good chance to become POTUS.

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