Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trump Trump Trump but not a drop to Trump

That Donald Trump continues to be the frontrunner, six months out from the first voting, for the GOP nomination. Six months in politics is forever, or at least long enough for Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton to change their views on same sex marriage. Lots of campaigning, public speaking events, etc to be done before any votes are cast.

I think a lot, and I mean a shit load of people are underestimating is the tremendous level of political discontent amongst conservatives and moderates with the way their elected officials have drastically underperformed once they are elected. The right side of the GOP is approaching stoning level of hatred for the Congressional leadership that WE put into office and power. Trump has tapped into that anger.

Maybe he wins, maybe he doesn't. But ignoring legions of pissed off voters is not a great idea. Then again, when has the GOP leadership shown any intelligence, spine, or guts lately?

POTUS Trump. Can't be worse than Obama. 

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