Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bad Day Dawning (For Eric Holder)

Darrell Issa informed the world that unless the Department of Justice and The Attorney General of the United States Eric The Racist Holder produce the requested documents, records, and files for the DOJ's gun running operations into Mexico that resulted in hundreds of deaths, Issa will move for a contempt of Congress vote against Eric Holder.

This is bad for the Administration, the so called "Most Ethical Administration Ever". You know why they won't produce the evidence? Because this evidence will show that Government officials all the way up to the White House knew that Fast and Furious was illegal and that people on both sides of the border were murdered as a result. Is it enough to implicate Obama? Who knows. Hopefully it is enough to bring down the corrupt racist Attorney General and put him in a jail cell. We will see how tomorrow plays out. Should be interesting.

On another note, Stevie J West has bigger balls than any man I have ever met.

Peace out, this whiskey won't drink itself.

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