Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Shiny New Week Unfolds

Well, it is the first day of a new week. Tax day came and went, with numerous cases of Democratic Party officials spreading racism, white supremacy, and all in all anti Constitutional behavior at numerous Tea Parties held across the country. In St Louis, local Democratic Party chieftains were involved in disrupting peaceful assemblies and attempted to deny protesters their First Amendment Rights.

Boy the left sure hates free speech. The thought of their political enemies actually speaking out against their false messiah and the failed policies of the Democratic Party is just too much for these quasi fascists to tolerate. Scratch a Democrat and underneath you find a frothing fascist want to be, with said liberal quite possibly a racist as well.

The Dog and Pony Show accusations against Goldman Sachs are nothing more than a Wag the Dog style maneuver to push the so called Financial Reform Act, or whatever the Obamateur is calling it, through Congress citing some fear of another depression. Typical distraction from our liberal friends.

Also just to reassure you that we do in fact have a bunch of petulant children running the US, Secretary Gates disclosed that there is no policy in place to deal with a nuclear armed Iran.

Hope and Change bitches, you got what you voted for.

Also, D-Vega is a piece of human refuse. Or as what they called the Tauron's on CAPRICA, a dirt eater.

Cry for Nixon Vega. Again.

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