Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News for the NRSC

Add Nixon to this list.

Dear Senator Cornyn,
We the undersigned believe that the National Republican Senatorial Committee should be committed to serving ALL the members of the Republican Party.
Additionally, the NRSC should be focused on defeating Democrats, not Republicans. Towards that end, we believe it was completely inappropriate for the NRSC to endorse a candidate in the Florida primary race.
Therefore, we request that both you and the NRSC alter your position on the Florida Senate race, maintain neutrality, and promise to spend no money directly or indirectly in that race.
Sincerely yours,
John HawkinsRight Wing News
Erick EricksonRedstate
Ed MorrisseyHot Air
Jon HenkeThe Next Right
Eric OdomAmerican Liberty Alliance
Pamela GellerAtlas Shrugs
R.S. McCainThe Other McCain, Right Wing News, Not One Red Cent
Dan RiehlRiehl World View
Jeff GoldsteinProtein Wisdom
Kevin AylwardWizbang!
Lorie ByrdWizbang!
David BlountMoonbattery, The Other McCain, Right Wing News
Melissa ClouthierMelissa Clouthier, The Other McCain, Right Wing News
Jeff VreelandTech Republican, President of VM Technologies and IT Chairman for the YRNF
Matt LewisPolitics Daily
Ned RyunThe Madison Project
Justin Hart
John Caldwell
Joshua TrevinoCo-founder of Redstate, founder of Treviƃ±o Strategies and Media.
Chip HanlonRed County
Robert LoewenPresident of the Lincoln Club of Orange County
Richard WagnerChairman of the Lincoln Club of Orange County

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